5 most essential features of Jute Backpack Bags that every UK bags merchandiser should know

Jute backpack bags has become a significant part of the daily life for every Brit. From school or college to work or short trips, these bags can carry the need of day to day essentials.

The use of jute backpack bags is now quite common for every 9 out of 10 daily commuters in UK you come across. It has taken over the market of large rucksacks and expensive backpacks as well where the short weekend backpackers in UK prefer to carry jute backpack bags for a countryside drive or hiking trip. This influenced UK bags merchandisers to strengthen their market in jute backpack bags, which made them to rely on suppliers of these bags. UK online suppliers of jute backpack bags like Wholesale Carrier Bags, houses the best quality of these bags. The e-commerce brand trades online jute backpack bags which comes in medium 30x40 cms and large 40x45 cms sizes and in stunning range of colours. In other words, these bags owns a load of advantageous features, making it one of the most essential "MediaWiki:Badtitletext for every Brit. Following are the 5 most essential features of jute backpack bags that every UK bags merchandiser should know.

1. Eco-friendly

A jute backpack bag is made from jute fibres, which comes from the stem and ribbon (outer skin) of the jute plant. The process follows retying and striping by hand. Jute, being a natural vegetable fibre, is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. And when it comes to jute backpack bags, there is no better choice for the environmentally conscious backpackers.

2. User-friendly

Be it for the daily commuters, students or backpackers going for a countryside drive, jute backpack bags are easy to carry as these bags weighs up to 14 oz and can carry a load up to 12 kg. These bags are spacious, foldable, washable and needs no extra maintenance.

3. High tear resistance

Jute fibers are considered to be one of the most toughest natural fibers. Hence, these bags have high tear resistance owing to its nature. Jute backpack bags can be reused for days after days.

4. Cost effective

It is considered to be the most reasonable backpacks by every Brit. At Wholesale Carrier Bags, these bags are available at a price of £18.64.

5. Custom printed 

A bespoke jute backpack bag makes a perfect promotional tool for every UK bags merchandiser.It is to be noted that, its user friendly nature and high tear resistance makes them reusable. Hence a promotional jute backpack bag not only carries the load for a backpacker but also carry the brand name or logo.

In addition to the above mentioned 5 most essential features of jute backpack bags, there another benefits for a UK bags merchandiser. These bags are in high demand, which means there is high liquidity. On the other hand, jute backpack bags require a minimal space for stocking. And lastly these bags are available at Wholesale Carrier Bags, which is one of the leading online suppliers of jute backpack bags.

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